September 6th, 2009 by Dave

Intro – Grade 1, made with Photo Story

Intro – Grade 4, made with Pivot, Movie Maker, and Audacity

Intro – Grade 7, made with Cam Studio and Movie Maker

  1. Convert a Powerpoint into image files for video use
    1. Save files as jpg or gif
    2. Use in video program as a series of still pictures
  2. Using Photo Story to create a video
    1. Easier than Movie Maker
    2. Can record narration without using an external program
    3. Unable to add video (uses images only)
  3. Using Movie Maker to create a video
    1. Use
      1. Still pictures
      2. Animated pictures
      3. Video clips
      4. Images from a powerpoint
    2. Add titles and credits
    3. Create transitions and special effects
    4. Music and/or narration and/or sound effects
      1. Can record your own and manipulate in Audacity
      2. Can edit pre-recorded music in Audacity
    5. Save
  4. Youtube to post on the internet
    1. Sign up for account – can use Google username/password
    2. Upload
  5. Extensions and other programs
    1. Use Audacity to modify and create music, sound effects, etc
      1. Record
      2. Alter (self- or pre-recorded sounds and music)
        1. Length
        2. Volume
        3. Fade out
        4. Multiple tracks
    2. Pivot is a cute animated action designer
      1. Program to make stick figure animations
      2. Used in opening video
    3. Pinnacle is a great ‘in between’ program that is a scaled down, yet somewhat easier to use, version of Movie Maker.
    4. Cam Studio records movement right off your desktop, so is great for demonstrating actions taken right on the computer.

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